amenity 1 Amenity, luxury both denote something (as an object, a feature, a quality, or an experience) that gives refined or exquisite pleasure or is exceedingly pleasing to the mind or senses.
Amenity typically implies a delightful mildness, gentleness, or softness, especially in contrast to an uncomfortable or distressing harshness, roughness, or crudeness

many English go to the Riviera in the winter because of the amenity of its climate

It may imply no more than a vague conducing to physical or material comfort or convenience

every amenity . . . including . . . showers, central heating, and first-class cuisine— H. G. Smith

Luxury stresses keen, often voluptuous, enjoyment and unalloyed gratification of the mind or senses, usually without a special suggestion of opulence in the thing enjoyed or sensuality in the pleasure

and learn the luxury of doing good— Goldsmith


Mark decided to walk back by the road . . . instead of indulging himself in the luxury of once more rejoicing in the solitude of the green lanes— Mackenzie


a dressing room with a marble bath that made cleanliness a luxury instead of one of the sternest of the virtues— Shaw

Analogous words: *pleasure, delight, joy, enjoyment: ease, comfort, relaxation (see REST): mildness, softness, blandness, lenity or leniency, gentleness (see corresponding adjectives at SOFT)
Antonyms: rigor
Contrasted words: harshness, roughness, ruggedness (see corresponding adjectives at ROUGH): disagreeableness, unpleasantness (see affirmative adjectives at PLEASANT): hardship, *difficulty, vicissitude
2 *courtesy, attention, gallantry
Analogous words: civility, politeness, courteousness (see corresponding adjectives at CIVIL): graciousness, affability, cordiality, geniality, sociability (see corresponding adjectives at GRACIOUS): *form, convention, convenance: ceremony, formality (see FORM)
Antonyms: acerbity, asperity: rudeness
Contrasted words: glumness, moroseness, crabbedness, surliness (see corresponding adjectives at SULLEN): *acrimony: *affront, insult, indignity: discourtesy, incivility, impoliteness (see corresponding adjectives at RUDE)

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